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An alert is created, when a sensor is triggered within certain times – normally, outside working hours. The sensor could be responding to movement, or something passing across an infrared beam, or a door contact being broken, it depends on the type of sensor.



CCTV cameras capture images within their field of vision; this field varies according to the type of lens and camera. Video and audio options are available. Cameras will be placed so as to cover areas that sensors may be triggered.



The DVR sends an alert to the monitoring centre; they log on to the relevant camera to see whether it is a genuine unauthorised intrusion or a false alarm. They will then follow the protocol agreed for site; alerting the keyholder, a manned guarding company, or the authorities.



Couple CCTV and ARC monitoring with a loudspeaker and microphone and the monitoring centre can verbally challenge the intruder to ascertain whether they are authorised to be on site.

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Alarm Receiving Centre – these are manned operational centres who are granted access to view your cameras. Staff are rigorously checked to exacting security standards.

The ARC cannot monitor your site if the internet is cut, however, should this be as a result of deliberate tampering, the movement should be caught on the camera.